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Las Vegas Conference Systems

ASI Conference Systems is Las Vegas' premiere conference interpretation service and equipment rental agency, providing state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation equipment and accredited, professional conference interpreters.

ASI is the leading conference audio / visual equipment specialist, offering a full range inventory of the latest technology and high-end equipment. Our team of skilled technicians provide professional technical support and on-site management.
ASI Conference Systems is dedicated to the highest standard of client satisfaction. Our unparalleled commitment to service excellence, product quality, and on-time performance is the foundation of our business.

Language Interpretation

ASI Conference Systems provides premium interpretation systems as well as certified interpreters to handle multilingual conferences. For detailed information, see our section under "Simultaneous Interpretation".

Translation Services

ASI Conference Systems provide translation services that help our clients with their meetings. Oftentimes they may need documents translated to other languages. ASI provides English to Spanish translations, as well as other language combinations.

Note: Interpretation and translation services are similar but not the same. Interpretation involves transforming the spoken word or recorded audible words into another language, whereas translation is transforming the written version of communication from one language into another.


Arabic Chinese English
French German Italian
Japanese Korean Portuguese
Russian Spanish Among others



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